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Peel & Stone give thanks

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving with a 7 course feast in our garage. Here are the photos by food photographer Jack Spicer Adams


IMG_7211IMG_7217 IMG_7224

Brassicas, Apple, Katsuobushi, Sesame

Cured Bream, Fennel, Preserved Lemon, Vadouvan

Smoked Turkey, Cornbread, Burnt Sprouts, Gravy
IMG_7251 IMG_7254
Ginger bread, Pumpkin, Pecan, Rocket Granita
IMG_7257 Smores


The calm before the storm


If you squint ever so slightly then you can make out the outline of a bakery. The huge oven (it scraped the door frame) and mixers were delivered this week. Fridges, freezers, tables, racks and most importantly a literal tonne of flour too. Yet there’s still so much more to arrive. Will we be ready for our open day tomorrow?