Peel & Stone give thanks

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving with a 7 course feast in our garage. Here are the photos by food photographer Jack Spicer Adams


IMG_7211IMG_7217 IMG_7224

Brassicas, Apple, Katsuobushi, Sesame

Cured Bream, Fennel, Preserved Lemon, Vadouvan

Smoked Turkey, Cornbread, Burnt Sprouts, Gravy
IMG_7251 IMG_7254
Ginger bread, Pumpkin, Pecan, Rocket Granita
IMG_7257 Smores


Giveaway! – win our bread.

To celebrate the opening of our brand new bakery we are giving you lovely people the chance to win one of our freshly baked loaves of bread.

All you have to do is follow us on twitter but for bonus entries, like our Facebook page, tweet about us or join the soul food project mailing list and you’ll have a better chance of winning.

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Welcome Drago


I don’t believe in love at first sight. Yet last Friday when Carl and I drove through the gates of Dragon Ovens in Colchester, we both felt something warm and gushy. In the dappled light of their forested yard the wood-fired oven of our dreams shimmered magically. Momentarily speechless all we could do was grin at each other. He’s a beaut, Carl has named him Drago. You’ll have to ask him why.

This week we’ve been seasoning the oven by lighting a small kindling fire in it and moving it around. Learning to use it will be a lot of fun!


So, you like doughnuts eh?

Thanks to all those who came and made our open day last Saturday a great success. You could see that we are still finding our feet but hopefully you enjoyed what we were able to get out that day. Especially the doughnuts! Blimey but those flew out the bakery, freshly fried and filled with vanilla patisserie cream or rippled with salted caramel. That’s staying on the menu for sure. How about a regular Saturday brunch thing with freshly brewed coffee and a saltbeef sandwich? Watch this space.

We’re testing more recipes this week, so if you’re passing, knock on the door or shutter if you fancy being our guinea pig.


The calm before the storm


If you squint ever so slightly then you can make out the outline of a bakery. The huge oven (it scraped the door frame) and mixers were delivered this week. Fridges, freezers, tables, racks and most importantly a literal tonne of flour too. Yet there’s still so much more to arrive. Will we be ready for our open day tomorrow?



It’s been not a long time coming at all. An idea a couple of months ago, some talk and now we’re but a few days from opening as a bakery. We are so excited to start our business and looking forward to bringing really good bread and food to Brum.

At the moment our train arch on Water St is undergoing its transformation. Our crack team of builders and electricians are flying along building the walls and floor of the bakery. The whiterock cladding is on and it’s amazing to think that this huge space will be filled with equipment in the next few days. Hopefully the oven will fit through the double doors Carl!


Oven and Bakery in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter